Amsky 800 series Thermal CTP

  • Amsky 800 series Thermal CTP
Product Description


Technical Advantages:

1. Dynamic Autofocus

With the third generation of dynamic autofocus technology, the accurate position measuring system of Amsky equipments can directly detect such minute distance change as 0.1 microns. Driven by voice coil motor, they can also trace any change in focal length at an incredible acceleration of 30G in order to ensure the continuous accuracy of focal length. The combination of these unique features not only guarantees the deviation of density between any two spots is less than 0.3% in a full page of tint, but also avoids blue marks and blurs caused by tiny dusts on the drum surface.

2. Fast Balance &Auto Switch of Laser Beam

During the plate loading and unloading period, our laser beam balancing system can accomplish the detection and adjustments of all laser energy within few seconds. Laser power can be calibrated automatically before exposing plate every time without any influence in the speed of outputting plates, to ensure each laser burning one the plate with same power, all lines and screen spots are full and identical on every plate.

When any laser channel breaks down, laser beam auto switch system can continue outputting through the rest longest consecutive channel in order to ensure non-stop production and offer users stable and superior practical experience.

3. Auto Constant Thermostatic Control of Laser Chassis

The temperature control system in laser thermostatic shielding chassis can automatically make two-way adjustment to the inside temperature with a minimum accuracy of positive or negative 0.1 degrees. Under optimum temperature conditions, output of laser is more stable and the life of laser is greatly lengthened,

4. Technology of DDS Frequency Multiplication and Drum Auto Balance

The technology of DDS frequency multiplication ensures phase position to jitter within 0.03125 pixels and exposed lines to be both vertical and horizontal.

Auto balance system of drum takes no more than 5 seconds to adjust the drum balance block to a new position, instantaneously switching plates with different size.

5. Accurate Graphic Size Calibration

CTP with external drum has many advantages. However, multichannel scanning may cause the parallelograms distortion in the graphics. Amsky’s unique technology of graphic calibration enables graphics to present perfect rectangles and eliminates dimensional deviation caused by different thickness of plates.The registering precision of one Amsky CTP is 5 microns. Between two, it can be within 15 microns after being calibrated.


Technical Specification:

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Exposing Method

External Drum

Imaging System







Discrete 400-410nm laser

Discrete 830nm laser

Output Speed

16 plates/hour

22 plates/hour

28 plates/hour

16 plates/hour

22 plates/hour

28 plates/hour

1,030×800mm 2,400dpi

Plate Size 

Max.1,130×920mm,Min. 400×300mm

Exposing Size 


Media Type 

UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate

Thermal plate

Plate Thickness 





±5μm(Continuous exposure over four times on the same plate with a temperature of 23°C and 60% RH )


USB2.0/USB3.0(Recommended option is USB2.0)

Plate Loading 

First manual, then autoload